Star Lord Costume Guide

Guardian-of-the-galaxy-costumeOne of the protectors of the galaxy, who forced his alien friend to help him in protecting the world from enemies. Peter Quill who performed the role of star lord in one of the biggest blockbuster movie “Star-Lord.” If on one hand, we have countless threats that made us survive in a world then on second hand there are our superheroes who always protect and fight for us from enemies. Star-Lord is one of them who always stand up for human rights; he has a brilliant mind, superpowers like aliens and he is best for knowing the master of creating unique and outstanding strategies. Peter Quill has become so much famous not just because of his character but also his dressing inspired most of the audience and they all want to look like him in coming a festive season or Halloween.
If you are also one of the fans of Star-Lord and want to capture the attention of people in coming parties, then read this star lord costumes in which we gathered detailed information about the items that are necessary to look like Star-Lord. Let’s have a look individually on all those items:

Star-Lord The Galaxy 2 Jacket

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This sensational and excellent quality jacket is inspired by the one worn by Chris Pratt in the film Guardian of the Galaxy. Perfect for all Star-Lord fans and a great addition to all the rider’s closet. Whenever you wear this star lord cosplay costume jacket, you make a lot of heads turn at you captivating your biker figure to successive altitude, this costume star lord jacket has some important features that each keen rider needs to their biking passion. An impressive stitching is done throughout its crafting that will give you a perfect look. It’s a Long-lasting durable.

Chris Pratt Red Leather Vest

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Jackets always protect to form cold, and if you need classic and bossy look in any informal gatherings, then they are one of the perfect parts of your attire. This StarLord jacket with burgundy color is the eye-catching outfit for any casual outings. It also has dotted embossing and straps design on an arm which makes the jacket more dashing. Just wear this star lord Halloween costume jacket with your favorite jeans and impress your lady.

Peter Jason Quill Mask

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Star-Lord captured the attention of the audience from his performance and also from his stylish dressing. He wears the unique and attractive mask that have an outstanding shape and features. The mask covers all his face and has red eyes that give a classic look. He is the perfect item for any costume

Star-Lord T-Shirt

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T-Shirts are one of the casual attire that can be wear by both the celebrity one and ordinary people. Star-Lord wears this under his jacket that creates an outstanding impression on viewers. Moreover, the t-shirt is very simple, but it gives a stunning look when to wear it with complete attire.

Peter Jason Quill Pants

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The pants that Star-Lord wear are in matching with the T-Shirt. They possess lining on the back and thighs for comfortable and relax movement. You can use these pants for casual wearing because of its regular and simple fashion. Having pockets will give you the ease to put your stuff and light fabric make the attire classic.

Shoulder Sling Chest Bag

star lord bag
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Star-Lord have to perform certain tasks and for that, he needs a bag to put his necessary staff in it and which also shows his sense of style. Bag crafted with multiple zipper pockets for extra comforts and convenience.

Chris Pratt Belt

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Superstar’s costume always looks outstanding, and if you want to look like Star-Lord, then you must wear this brown belt having the rectangular buckle. This belt fits perfect with the overall costume.

Star-Lord Quad Blaster

Galaxy Gun
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Almost every superhero has the weapons, but they all have different kinds and style of arms. Some have light Blaster; other have guns while Star-Lord used this star lord costume gun blaster to fight with his rival. Having this star lord gun costume blaster with other costume gives you the unique appearance.

Chris Pratt Loafers

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People who want to look like their superhero (Star-Lord) then they should use these loafers. They are very much common in this fashion era and are extensively used by our teenagers. If you already have one in your closet, then you can use that, but make sure your loafers should match with your pants to give your outfit a fabulous look.

Undoubtedly, the Star-Lord is one of the stylish superhero introduced by Marvel Comics. With the items mentioned above which will get the almost similar look as of Star-Lord. So, do you think about these costume for Halloween event? Please share your valuable comments below. Best of luck and thank you.

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Princess Jasmine Costume Guide For Halloween

A Princess will rarely get the chance to spend most of her time outside her palace with a friend. When Jasmine first stepped outside of her palace to see the world beyond the walls with her best pal Raja, she found the love of her life Aladdin who first becomes her friends, and later they fall in love. 90’s kids are crazy and fell in love with the love story of these two. The craze got high when many couples try to cosplay them and to portray their love for each other. Here is Disney Princess Jasmine costume for women’s and kids and the items required for your Jasmine Aladdin Costumes. Wear Princess Jasmine cosplay and be the best couple of the evening.

Princess Jasmine Costumes Adult

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The first thing which you need for your Jasmine outfit is the Princess Jasmine dress. This blue colored adult Jasmine halloween costume is made up of high-quality material which is a complacent as well. This dress is famously known as Arabian Nights suit that includes harem pants with matching princes jasmine top DIY and scarf. This dress is available at Amazon for very low price. You can wear Princess Jasmine earrings on Jasmine Cospalu costume top.

Princess Jasmine Wig

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Another thing which you need to complete your Jasmine Princess costume is the Jasmine Wigs. If you have curly hairs or brown or any other than black colored hairs, then you can go for Jasmine cosplay wig. This Disney Jasmine wig is the one which would save your hairs from dye and all the unnecessary chemicals as well. This DIY Jasmine costume would not harm your skin at all. You can wear this Jasmine DIY costume wig on her cosplay parties and Halloween as well. You can also wear it on your daily outfit as well.

Princess Jasmine Shoes for Adults

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The last which you need to complete your Princess Jasmine costume adult are Princess Jasmine shoes. This pair of shoes are designed with same color and attraction; it’s available on Amazon in different sizes for adults and kids to enjoy. These Princess Jasmine shoes for adults are well designed for your ease and are long lasting life so you can cosplay and wear them as much as you can. Wear Princess Jasmine outfit shoes on cosplay parties, Halloween and casual days as well.

Kid’s Jasmine Costumes

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The first thing which you need for your Princess Jasmine costume kid is Princess Jasmine dress costume. This Princess Jasmine DIY costume dress includes full dress with a hair ribbon. By wearing Princess Jasmine Outfits  DIY, you would rock the evening with your love mate.

Jasmine Costume for Kids Shoes

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These are the exact pumps of Princess that are available for adults. The design of the shoes is safe, reliable and flexible like the adult one. Just prepare to be like Jasmine by wearing Princess Jasmine dresses.

The Scariest Guide To DIY Freddy Krueger Costumes

Freddy costume guide

Freddy Krueger is the famous character of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ film series. He was introduced in a movie series as a kid who is eventually discovered and poisoned by the law and appears as a burnt serial killer who use gloves armed with razors to kill his victims. He was probably known with burned terrifying face and red and green striped sweater. Freddy’s power is not easy to possess; you need to make efforts to get a look like him. You may feel difficulty to make-up like him but are here to solve your issues. Creating your Freddy Krueger Halloween costumes from this horror movie will be fun. Just follow the below simple step which will change your look into scary appearance. The below displayed Freddy Krueger outfits for men and women will help you to make your family get scared at the events.

Red and Green Striped Sweater Freddy

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Let’s start Freddy Krueger dress for men with Freddy Krueger sweater dress. This authentic Freddy Krueger sweater is made up of high-quality material which is a long lasting one. You can wear this sweater on cosplay parties as well as casually.

Freddy Costume Pants

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The thing which you need for completing your Freddy Kruger dress is are the Freddy Krueger pants. These black pants have zipper and button closure and many pockets to keep your important things safe. Black color Freddy dress pants are the favorite color of many people and would make you look amazing.

Freddy Krueger Mask

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Here is the spine-chilling Freddy Krueger cosplay mask that gives you a horror look of Freddy. After wearing this mask, you will get a creepy look of the character Freddy. You can wear this mask with your complete Freddy cosplay to get an eye-catching look.

Freddy Krueger Adult Costume Gloves

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After Freddy Halloween costumes mask the next thing which you need to complete your Halloween costume Freddy Krueger are Freddy Krueger gloves. You can wear these Freddy Kruger Metal gloves.

DIY Authentic Freddy Krueger Hat

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The hat is also the important product for the Freddy Krueger costume accessories. This hat is made up of high-quality material which is very comfortable to wear. After wearing this hat, you will get an exact look of the horror character. Freddy hat can be worn with your complete costume and casual wear as well.

Freddy Krueger Boots

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The last thing which you need to complete your Freddy Krueger is to have a look at this pair of shoes that are made up of high-quality material. These Halloween costumes Freddy Krueger boots have a stylish design that can be worn to any occasion. Black is the most wanted color which can easily match with most of your dresses.

Freddy Krueger Women’s Costume


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Now is the turn for Freddy Krueger costume women’s. The dress is complete with slashes and will give you an exact look of the character. The set includes gloves and hat, so you don’t have to look for different items. The thing which you have to purchase separately are the black boots.

Ninth Doctor Costume Guide

Ninth DoctorAs we know that Halloween is not so far, everyone wants to dress up as their favorite character outfits. The character’s dressing truly represents their personality. But the question is how we can exactly look like Doctor Who character? In this 9th doctor costume, you will find all necessary things. Stay with us and let’s start, One of the well-known and famous doctor of the show who inspired a great number of audience from his simple and stylish outfits none other than Christopher. He plays as the 9th Doctor in the TV series. After watching his performance, viewers become the fan about his dressing and looks. Everyone wants to look like Christopher in any costume or cosplay event. His appearance is outstanding yet epic, but not too fancy. Below is the item you need to get up like 9th Doctor coat. Have a look:

9th Doctor Leather Jacket

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The jacket is one of the parts of attire that gives the dynamic look. This elegant black jacket provides you with the same appearance of Christopher incoming Halloween season. This jacket is not only for the sake of theme party or Halloween you can also wear it casually in cold weather.

Black V Neck T-Shirt

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Very simple looking T-shirt having V-neck gives you the elegant appearance whenever you wear it. This item is available in all sizes. It is so simple and plain that you can wear it with the ninth doctor jacket as well without jacket also for casual outings. Christopher wears this under 9th doctor jacket which gives him a classic look.

Skinny Stretch Jeans

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Almost every youth wants to wear the skinny jeans. So here your wish comes true. These slim fit jeans are best to make an incredible impression. All the boys should have these pants in their wardrobe.

Mountain Light II Boot

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Boots are the important part of attire. They not only represent your sense of style but also protect your feet from any damage. This will help you attain the perfect look and gets you more inside the character.
So, here you go this is the complete costume guide on Christopher Eccleston as Ninth Doctor who costumes. Have this outfit in your attire for the next comic con event. Please don’t forget to share your precious comment about this guide. Best of luck!

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Aquaman Costume: How to Be the Sea God of Halloween


Aquaman! More powerful than Superman, more intelligent than Batman, longtime justice league member and most recognizable superhero of DC Comics. While he hasn’t seen much on screen as compared to other DC Comics superheroes, but finally he made his appearance in Batman vs Superman. Moreover, Aquaman is the king of Atlantis, and he is well-known for his sea life abilities which include his ability to breathe underwater, swim at higher speed and nothing can harm Aquaman. Jason Mamoa portrayed the role of undersea superhero.

Creating your own Aquaman costume is not a tough task by the few important items you can make your own attire. We are here to guide you step by step what things you required to dress up like an undersea superhero. Stay with us!

Aquaman Trident

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After solving the problem of how to build up a body like Aquaman, the next thing you need is this iconic Aquaman trident prop which is the signature item of sea God. The one which is shown here is the similar to that carried by Jason Mamoa.

Aquaman Shirt

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According to you what will be the most important thing to look like Aquaman? To build a body like him, but this gonna be a tough task for slim guys. Don’t worry at all here is a solution to your problem. This muscle chest shirt will give you the exact look of Aquaman. If you really want to impress everybody then must wear this Aquaman outfit and capture the attention.

Aquaman Wig & Beard

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These are also the essential part of your Aquaman attire. I want the look with perfection then definitely these wigs and beard will help you out to look like him and give you the eye-catching appearance.

Aquaman Pants

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This superhero aquaman pajama pants are of unique color, but will perfectly match with rest of your outfits. You can wear this trouser in your casual outings or gatherings also.

Aquaman Shoulder Armor

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Jason Mamoa (The king of Atlantis) was seen wearing this shoulder armor which gives him the exact look of undersea superhero. This shoulder armor will design keeping in mind to give you the similar appearance of Aquaman.

Aquaman Wrist Guards

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The last thing which you will need to get the perfect look of Aquaman is these wrist Guard. This part of your attire will increase your fashion sense.

Aquaman Boots

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This Atlantis king were very shiny and charming boots which are also very attractive at first we see them. Although not the same shoes, but similar boots them which enhance your overall Aquaman Apparel. These bright golden shoes are made up of high quality with excellent crafting by skilled workers.

Here your Aquaman Halloween costume guide comes to an end. We hope that now you are fully satisfied and confident that your Halloween outfit is going to be an amazing and awesome. We will be glad to see you in this Aquaman justice league costume. Please share your comments with us. All the Best!

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