Top 5 Steps to Doctor Strange Cosplay: DIY Costume Guide

Doctor Strange Cosplay Costume Guide

Have you ever thought of a doctor prophesized to be a superhero and fighting evil? At first in sounds absurd, but now it’s going to happen pretty soon. Benedict Cumberbatch one of the most versatile and intense actor in Hollywood is now going to play the role of Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange also known as Doctor Strange. According to comics, Doctor Strange at one point was the most powerful being on the planet, even more, powerful than Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and others. The movie is not even released yet, and the hype is so massive that just by looking at the posters people have wished to impersonate him on coming Halloween. Some of them have already done that in comics. His Eye of Agamotto and his Cloak of Levitation, boots and the rest of the costume have been an eye catcher for almost the entire Marvel fan base, and we’re confident that you don’t want to feel left out yourself. So then no more waiting let’s get on with it

Doctor Strange Complete Costume

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The sorcerer supreme is yet to find the big screen in theaters but we have already seen Doctor Strange’s Costume, and it is nothing less than magnificent. The Blue robe, the Red cape, arm strap and a belt that has old looks but still seems so good and knowing that Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing the part gave everyone Goosebumps. It’s like a dream coming true as many Marvel supporters and fans were looking forward to seeing Benedict in the form of a kickass superhero, but nobody saw this coming, a Sorcerer!

Eye of Agamotto Necklace Pendant

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Nowadays every guy in the block is carrying some souvenir or charm bracelet from their favorite movies, and it makes them feel like they are a part of something big. And if we are completely honest Eye of agamotto infinity stone Necklace is the most desired and requested movie prop nowadays. You have seen the trailer if not then it’s highly unlikely that you didn’t see the images from the shoot. The best thing about the necklace is that it goes with your regular party dress and attires. Smooth edge design with a hint of funk.

Doctor Strange Sling Ring

Doctor Strange Sling Ring
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Well if you are desiring to cosplay every bit of Doctor Strange then this sling ring is key for you. We have seen Benedict Cumberbatch wearing this ring while portraying the character of Doctor Strange and training to opening a portal to another location. This two finger ring is exactly what we have seen in the film. It will be a perfect companion for your eye of agamotto necklace.

The Red Cape



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What’s a superhero without a cape? It’s like a stereotype that can’t be missed. And doctor strange has a cape too, and it looks perfect. Red hot and light weight so that you don’t feel anything pulling you away. Can be worn on many other costumes that have the same color cape and will complement the looks in the same manner.

Doctor Strange Boots

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Made from the highest quality material and length reaches to the calf, hand wash. Black in color and can be worn with multiple outfits and even on casual dresses under the trousers. If you are a cosplay addict, then you should know that your costume would be incomplete without it.

Doctor Strange Cosplay Wig

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Now if you are truly a die heart fan of Doctor strange than you should keep an eye on the details such as the hairs… Rather than waiting and growing them or cutting them down buy this wig which is so accurately made just for this cosplay but can be used in many other costume parties.

So, here we conclude our strange Doctor costume, and we hope that all your queries have now been erased, and you’re ready to cosplay one of the hottest superheroes of 2016.





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