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Lapels are one of the most important element of men formal attire; it also needs critical attention, but most of the guys failed to give proper attention and don’t know that which kind of lapels will complement their looks best. If you don’t know what a lapel is then keep reading as we are going to discuss each lapel types very briefly.

Traditionally there are three tuxedo lapel styles including Shawl Peak or Notch Lapel and choosing one between these three depends on your looks and personal taste. In this guide we’ll go over all these types of lapels and discuss of the one can give you better looks.

Each lapel has its features as well as has its own fashion according to trends.

So, what exactly are the differences? And when should you wear one over the other? First, will provide you with a little background for those that may need a refresher, the lapel of a man’s suit is the folded flap of cloth on a suit. Typically, it is formed by folding over the front edges of the jacket and sewing to the collar. There are three types of lapels – notched, peaked, and shawl. The latter is basically what you see on a dinner jacket. Since the dinner, the jacket has its own world.




As the name suggest, the shawl-collar tuxedo features the lapels style collar also refer as roll and dinner collar. Shawl lapel was first introduced in Victoria smoking jacket. It is usually considered more formal option as compared with peak lapel or notch lapel. The shape of shawl lapel is completely rounded without any points and notches, it starts from your collar and goes smoothly till the button of your jacket through covering the complete are and making classic V shape.
Many of us get worried that where we can wear such kind of lapel?



Well, The Shawl collar tuxedo is usually worn in formal events including Prom, wedding, cruise and Black tie events. Shawl lapel adds a good interest in your personality and changes your look from an average dressed guy to a dapper secret agent. Shawl lapels are highly recommendable for a dinner suit only. If you are thinking to treat yourself a formal suit (not tuxedo) then shawl collar style should be avoided. Many people usually get confuse that which suit lapel give them the best look. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to pick one out of all types of lapels; it highly depends on you. Whichever lapel suits you, go with it! But if you want to go with the classic and traditional look then shawl collar tuxedo is a perfect choice.


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If you have a slim body and bit longer than average height than shawl lapel tuxedo or suit will compliment your looks without a doubt. But if you have rounded face or body and over 38 waist size than preferring a shawl collar is not a good option because it will not be able to give you the looks for which you are looking for.

Different Styles

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Thinking of suit that can be wear with is the only ideal for a tuxedo. Because it will look better with it.




Due to pointed cut, it was named as peak lapel collar, and it was reign in the sixteenth century. Historians believe that peak lapel is folding the back most the outermost part of the coat or, you can say that it keep you your neck dry in hot season in rough weather.
Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, peak lapel is utmost found in a single breasted pocket or dinner jacket. It is most at home on a double-breasted blazer since it’s an extension of the line of the jacket and thus gives the impression of broader shoulders.
The peak lapel is by nature a more formal style plus it is tradition, which can give you the best look.
Just how ‘peaky’ should depend on your own physical dimensions. If you’re slim, and your shoulders are very narrow then you should go for small peaks, and vice versa. Additionally, it’s important to consider where in the lapel the peak is positioned. There are featured stunning double-breasted jackets with peaks that finished on the collar bone, giving the appearance of height –perfect for those guys whose height is small Furthermore you should pick a dark colored suit, and this illusion is amplified further.
Canali is a brand that had some superb examples of classic peak Blazers in their latest collection, while recently Brioni revealed a peaked tuxedo jacket that anyone could die for it to buy.
Are you big fan of Harvey Specter then definitely you want to look like him
Harvey is the big fan of peaked lapel collar, and so is Tom Ford. No doubt peaked lapel is considered as wider for current fashion, but then again, they are not as overly wide about past standards. The main thing is to get Gorge not as high and as low. If the peaked lapel collar is out over your shoulders, it is too much, and if it is too low, it looks too old, in that case, you have to keep an eye on such small thing to look like Harvey Specter.
Traditionally, we all are aware that peaked lapel collar are much more trendy and casual than the notch lapel collar, and they provide an elegant look that Specter obviously goes for it.
Now this is something interesting that Ross wears notched lapels, not peaked ones. Moreover, Specter wear peaked lapel collar to lock different, and want to make sure that it can give a high-class look, Therefore, Harvey rarely appears in a suit with a notched lapel suit; you can opt for peaked lapel if you want to copy this fashion style.


As we all aware of peaked lapel collar, now we will discuss some different variants of peak lapel collar that you can try.
After several types of research of peak collar, we get to know that there are many types of lapel collar


There are two type of width, narrow and wide, a narrow lapel collar always has a vertical line and streamlines the silhouette. Whereas, a wide lapel collar highlights horizontal lines and shoulder breadth.


While a higher notch lengthens lines while a lower notch appears to draw the eye to the tie knot area; instead of outlining the horizontal line you can fill chest and increase its volume.
The shape of the notch itself is of the utmost importance on its jackets, in notch category, there are three types, and every type has the same height.


The longer gorge is Smalto-style, make the lapel collar more stylish through directing the lines towards the shoulder to make sure it broader the shoulder while a shorter gorge makes the round impression to other by bringing the lapel collar closer to shawl lapel.


Now the fourth way you can up fold the notch by modifying the gorge angle, which marks a more horizontal gorge and highlights the shoulder, while a slanted gorge, give some Italian favored as they stretch the lines up to the shoulder which makes the should broad.
5. So far, we have discussed the lapel. The lapel is only one-half of the notch, the other half of peaked lapel is a gorge seam, which takes its shape from the collar.
Because of the peaked lapel collar measures, sometimes the gorge seam height do not reach towards the collar (which could occur on other notch styles), and unless one is seeking a more attractive look, its length should not be negative.
5:If you want to shorten the length of the gorge seam, then you have to cut the narrower collar. This will open up the tip of lapel collar and will make the chest vertical by lightening the top and thus it broader the shoulder. A longer gorge will provide the same curve as shorter curve will provide (as the edge of the collar is closer to that lapel, and it will automatically result into more stable) with a more vibrant and sophisticated silhouette. Somewhat, the blend shawl-lapel curve has the effect of the peak lapel.
6.The collar itself can modify the curve within the gorge seam curve. So far, we have only seen an acute angle that is reaching toward the lapel collar. Tailor have worked hard by providing peaked lapel in single closure jacket by opening the angle by moving the gorge seam away from the lapel.
7)The last factor that is modulating is notch curve of the angles. According to sartorial tradition, they think sharp angles should be avoided, for rounder ones, as they require some major skill and, most importantly, add a few steps to lapel assembly. Often, making any garment is simplified by sharp angles, it is very easy either you can cut the fabric or can fold it. It has been seen that some tailors have made the sharp angle a staple of their style and do their best to make it strong.
7.Our research for peak lapel has come to 7 parameters. Where we will discuss outer and an inner edge.
Above we have, share some seven important guideline to make perfect peaked lapel collar. You can follow this seven important factor to enhance your looks and can give you an appealing look beside this you can also make it as house grace by adding your style to it, peaked lapel collar is a tool to reach a balance between the client’s body shapes. Stance, shoulder breadth, neck measurement, a shape of the face, among others, by a lapel traced to enhance one’s features. The right balance of all above nine parameters must be done carefully
This season if you want to look trendy and more casual you can pick singular closure jacket with peaked lapel collar. Usually, it is known as trendy, peaked lapel are meant for dinner jacket suit, but they have weak formal style, but you can consider it as casual. Because in old days, if anyone saw you in informal attire that means that you have to wear a suit, single button suits are less conservative but certainly they are not casual.



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Peaked collar tuxedo is also recommended for formal events like Prom, Black Tie, wedding and in some crazy parties. If you love current fashion trends then you should have enough courage to try different things, then you can go for peaked lapel collar that is not a bad idea. Again if you are still unsure regarding shawl vs. peaked lapel collar, then I would suggest you should go according to your preference.


best for any event
This kind of lapel are highly recommended for those gentlemen who has skinny and short body because peak lapel collar point up near the shoulder of your jacket which will look good on short height guys, and it will help by moving eyes upward towards the shoulders, this illusion helps upper body through widening the chest of the short guys. Peaked lapels are still a good option for short guys than shawl lapel.

Difference Styles

peak lapel suit
A double-breasted suit always has peaked lapel collar. This is appropriate with single breasted suit; it is usually seen in pinstriped fabric


men notch lapel collar

Before going into discussion, let me tell you that Shawl and peaked lapels collar are the most traditional while Notched lapel is most famousNotched lapels are less formal than the previous two (peak and shawl collar) we have already discussed; notch lapel is found in modern tuxedo styles that are fairly non-traditional. On the other side notch, lapel is very common to wear in office suiting; it is known as the most common suit lapel. Notched lapel was introduced much later than both shawl and peaked lapels and probably in early 1980’s. In the same way like shawl lapels its start with a collar and close to shoulders of the jacket.
A notch lapel collar can look superb on you if you wear shirt open at collar without tie —many men prefer to wear this type of attire in their office suiting. This style rarely looks good on the peaked lapel; someone said that notch collar would be my first choice, to look like gentlemen without wearing a tie.
Well if we go back then we can find that in the 1950s and ’60s, notch lapel was considered as narrow lapel and then in the ’70s, lapels got wider, and peak lapels were getting more fads. The ’80s people saw the revival of double-breasted suits again, reigniting interest in peak lapels. In the ’90s favored the single-breasted suit with subtle notch lapels was inn. Slimmer-fitting suits in the past decade were known for narrower notch lapels.
So the trend of notch lapel collar and peaked lapel collar were turning as a roller coaster.


wear notch lapel suit in occassion

Both shawl and peaked lapel are perfect to wear with dinner jackets in events like black tie, although notch collar is modern and quite popular but still it can give you casual looks that’s why it is not usually allowed to wear in black tie affairs. But you can use a feature of notch lapel in your wedding tuxedo, and any fashion forward parties.

Best For

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Notched lapel collar can work well in almost all kind of man; then you can order to manufacture a thin lapel but if you have a large body than wearing a wide notch collar is a good option.
Now after reading this post, you got a plenty of ideas that what actually lapel are. It is extremely important to remember some crucial point that you must remember in your mind while purchasing your next formal attire because it can certainly help you in comparing between peak lapels vs. notch lapel vs. shawl lapel. You can find all these kinds of dinner suits discussed above on James Bond Suits
If you are going to a business meeting, then you should opt for double buttoned. Notch lapel jacket.

Different Style



Which suit you can wear with peaked lapel: best with single breasted suit blazers and sports coats. Try to avoid double breasted suit it will not look good with peaked lapel collar
I know it is very confusing for anyone. If any person is going for an interview, he is advised to wear double notch collar, not a single peaked lapel collar but that doesn’t mean it is more formal. Perhaps such thinking explains about the two-button notch lapel jackets nowadays. It is known as modern suiting in current time.
More or less, we came to know about different collar, that there are three types that you can wear according to your preference, we have also mention that which collar suit can look best on which type of person, and beside this you can analyses that which collar can look best on different events or occasion.

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