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Tom Cruise, a fabulous Hollywood star delivered some great memorable moments to the industry and his fans all around the globe. In his 30 years of his flourishing career he shattered all the boundaries through performing several iconic characters .The proud of the industry turned 51 in this July, but still not looking to slow down and stop releasing blockbuster movies. The guy started his expedition as Joel Goodson a passionate teenager also starred in many renowned characters includes Maverick, Ethan Hunt, Jerry Maguire, Daniel Kaffee, and Les Grossman. Who knows that the guy grew up in near poverty circumstances will able to become one of the richest actor in Hollywood. Well, this is the time to look back and list Tom Cruise’s top 10 movies so far.

10. Risky Business:


Before making his presence in Risky Business the young Tom Cruise appeared in five different movies, but most of the audience did not know him till the release of this movie. This is the story of wealthy teenager Joel Goodsen who enjoyed some wild days at home when his parents go on a trip and leave him alone at home. Who can forget rock and roll dancing scene when he was wearing long pink shirt along with white underwear and socks, except the dance we also seen some rare comedy and fantastic dialogue from him in the film.

9. Rain Man:

Rain Main

This is the first time we have seen the decent side of Tom Cruise without any weapon or stunts in Rain Man. Story based on a Charlie’s brother who before dying give his $3 Million to someone, angry Charlie decided to look in this matter and discover that his father leaves the fortune to his unknown brother Raymond he then kidnap his brother, but later all misunderstanding between them was finish when Charlie find out that Raymond will only fly Qantas.

8. Minority Report:


In the year 2054 a “Precrime” machine was using in Washing Dc to seen the future through its power and punish the guilt before the crime is done, John Anderson was the man who arrest the criminals but then discover that he is the one whose going do the next murder. It was a complete thrill movie which grossed over $358.3 Million worldwide and also nominated for Oscars. Tom Cruise also won Empires Award (UK) for the best actor.

7. Magnolia:


Tom Cruise nominated third, and last time for Oscars in Mangolia, also nominated for 72nd Academy Awards and finally won Golden Globe Award for the best actor in a supporting role. The movie based on three different stories on incredible coincidence in which the lives of nine unlike characters connected with each other. It was well scripted and directed movie too by Paul Thomas Anderson which able to attract the attention of audience and generate $48.5 Million worldwide.

6.  Born on Fourth July:


In 30 years of Hollywood Character Tom Cruise shows his interest in taking risks for performing a variety of roles, he does again here when he perform military personality role and got the chance to collab with one of the biggest director in industry Oliver Stone. He already star before viewing in this movie who performed some brave roles of Maverick and Charlie, but this one is special which give him wide place in Hollywood. The film was nominated for 6 Academic Award, Tom also received his first Academic award and third award nomination for Oscars.

4. Collateral:


After performing numerous top good guys characters from the last twenty years Tom Cruise this time decided to go as a Villain named Vincent, a contract killer who take a cab and then forced driver to do what he say. Vincent was quite volatile character who does not give you any chance to predict his next step, he really stolen each scene he was in while wearing grey suited with dye hairs. Tom nominated for Best actors thrice and best villain twice in different awards.

3. Jerry Maguire:


Undoubtedly no one can perform this Jerry Maguire as perfectly as Tom Cruise done; it was a well deserving roll for the superstar. He performed the character of money hungry sportsman who can do anything for their clients to earn money, but later realize about all his bad deeds. The movie got many positive critics and reviews, it also earn more than 237.6 Million at worldwide box office. All things were going right into the favor of Tom which leads him to get Oscar award nomination first time for the leading role (overall second time).

2.  Top Gun:


It is one of the early releases in his career which played a lead role to give a Tom Cruise a household name in Hollywood. This film includes one of the top grossing movies in his career which grossed $353.8 Million worldwide. Tom played the role of young sizzling pilot passionate to his profession sent to Top Gun Naval Flying School to sharpen his skills with one of the best pilots.  It was one of the best movie of Hollywood and highest of the decade too. It also starred Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards.

1. Mission Impossible Franchise:


It is the only franchise in his career started in the year 1996 when the super spy agent Ethan hunt brought in a mission by “Impossible Mission Force (IMF)” to discover the person killing his team mates. The film was based on the popular drama series of same name. Interestingly, it is the 15th highest grossing franchise worldwide crossed over $2 Billion. Tom while performing the undercover spy agent role used some amazing gadgets, gorgeous weapons, and hot women and performed spectacular stunts. The last entry of the series “Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol” generates 694.7 Million, the highest earning movie starring the star Tom Cruise. Surely after seeing the last movie we all are excited to watch the next edition of the franchise.

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