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At HedFord, our primary goal is to help our customer realize their dream of looking like the celebrity they adore. Hollywood is iconic not only for its mamoth-budgeted blockbusters,  but also as a trend-setter for the fashion world, where many of our fashion forward and trendy customers find their style cues for the upcoming look.  We strive to allow our customers to have that edge in their social circles, to be seen and deemed as trend-setters.   To make your dream costume a reality we build exact replicas of couture Hollywood trend-setters flash on’red carpets at bigwig events.

Our product differs from others in that our couture are customerily fitted to your size and preference.  Many competitor sites claim to sell replica clothing worn by celebrities, but their one-size-fit-all approach pales in compa-rison to our custom made replica celebrity suits that are available to you in a short order.  This feature not only saves you the time and the hassle but also money. Our suits are custom made to your size using high quality linen, wool and silk. From stitching to pressing our suits are professionally tailored by skilled craftsmen with passion to deliver exceptional clothing that fits both your style and budget.

Our tailors are well-equipped and impeccably trained to create celebrity suits to your liking and specification, be it a double or single breasted suit, with lapels (shawl, peak and notch) and related features such as collar, buttons, vents, pockets and pleats in various colors. We try our best to treat our customers to the best quality custom-sized product.  We stand behind all the products we created per your specification.  If you are not happy with the results, please inform us immediately so we can make it right for you to score another satisfised customer.